the rule of      9P

„Your product is our priority, your project deserves our peak performance, your preference is paramount and your  profit is our pleasure.“


Q: Why are the good people of Sonne und Fleisch so obsessed with the advertising industry?

A: Hard work, skills and dedication allow us to add a bit of our own magic to the brands that influenced us throughout our adolescence, accompanied us through the pivotal moments of our life and forever shaped our perception of this world.

We strive to become a part of their legacy.

Q: Tired of dealing with hipsters that consider your project an unfortunate necessity to fund their next art movie ? Fed up with the odd greaseball ad guy putting you on hold for some fancy influencers or the next wannabe-rapper?

A: For us at Sonne und Fleisch your product is our priority and your profit is our pleasure – regardless of your hype or turnover.


And we won’t be  happy until your customer speaks his words of confession: