Who would have thought that a dead Swiss psychologist can help you find your perfect market niche?

Are you a warrior, a magician, an outlaw or a sage? These Archetypes are not only to be found in human nature, but also deep inside the DNA of your enterprise.

If you understand and accept yourself for who you really are, you can easily position yourself in an adequate manner. But if you do experience difficulties in the process, we are happy to offer you a couch to lie on.

We’ve been told that mission and vision statements relate to Archetype theory in the same way a bubble bath relates to the ocean, so you better get your diving equipment: Our next confab is gonna go deep.


There are character traits about yourself you wish you didn’t possess, so you start repressing them. Unsurprisingly they don’t just disappear into nothingness, but instead start occupying an unconscious realm known as the shadow.   

The very same is true for society: Over centuries we cultivated a huge motherfucker of a collective shadow.

It’s not the most straightforward thing in the world, but once you analyzed and mastered the collective shadow of your target market, you can easily use it as an instrument to influence consumer behavior and desire.

You may consider this immoral, but can it be truly immoral if your product is the best thing out there?


Carl Gustav has had a huge impact on our personal and professional developement.