For centuries and centuries people have longed for philosophical or religious explanations of how and why the world functions as it does in their time and they were provided with a variety of options to choose from.  People still yearn for explanations nowadays, but the only thing they are able to find are consumerism and hedonism.

Through copywriting and advertising, we found the perfect tool to latently deliver many of the oldest philosophical concepts to the people on an easy, digestible level: It’s like eating steak and – while savouring the delicious meal – casually hitting your daily protein intake.

The need of buying a tart parfume in the winter times and a light one in summer, can be simply connected with the circular phase Theory of Spengler. Buying the newest sport car can be combined with the will to power concept of Nietzsche.

In our understanding the task of contemporary philosophers should be rendering abstract concepts tangible and speaking to the senses of people, instead of getting lost in the old ivory tower.

Advertising, for us, is a philosophical expression, but then – on a deeper level – it’s also a revelation of the Hegelian Weltgeist acting on the progress of history and unfolding in every single campaign we succeed to put out there.